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Our company has also recognised the value of placing professional resources with our clients as well as the need to manage the applicants who have been successfully placed with the right company. Garnett also offers excellent payroll facilities to our applicants, which includes the most up to date tax consultant's services, as well as access to one of the top labour lawyers who will assist us with any disputes within the labour regulations and laws.
Garnett has listed the resource management facilities that are crucial for the smooth handover of the new recruit that has been appointed to your company, and will gladly make this list available on request.


The planning and set-up of call centres is a service provided by one of our associate companies. This service is essential for any company who is moving into the call centre business for the first time and requires expert guidance in the following areas. A company with an existing call centre may be seeking advice on how best to set-up their call centre for optimum use of the equipment and software. The company may need to be directed in the correct and efficient ways of routing calls, and therefore could definitely use the expertise of this company.

  • Planning of the call centre
  • Layout and planning of workspace
  • Choosing the most beneficial and appropriate furnishings for the call centre
  • Correct positioning of wallboards if applicable
  • Expert advice on all equipment to be ordered and possibly on suppliers
  • General set-up of agents, exchange lines, telephones, PC set-ups and software advice
  • Ergonomics of call centre, including furniture recommendations
  • Technology recommendations
  • Site of call centre
  • Project management and implementation
  • Human development programme
  • Desk top set-up
  • Front-end design
  • Management Information systems
  • Reporting
  • Scripting
  • Budget
Garnett will negotiate with our associate company and do the necessary introductions.


Another important service that Garnett offers is the generation of reports from the call centre, and an explanation of these reports. We offer recommendations regarding these reports and will advise either the call centre manager or supervisor of processes that should be implemented to improve customer service levels.


Garnett will take control of the Telephone Management Systems and generate reports, either remotely or onsite. We recommend remote access. Our consultants report back to management and discuss reports and solutions to improve call costs and other cost effective solutions.


Garnett can operate a help desk for assisting staff with telephone problems, i.e. voice mail not set up correctly, PIN number issues, locking or unlocking of telephones, telephone operational issues and fault reporting.


Garnett can offer the services of video conference; we have access to a facility in Centurion and the Midrand area. Businesses today cannot afford the rising cost of airfares and accommodation, a meeting or interview could prove very costly when traveling either abroad or locally. Many hours are wasted when traveling distances for a one hour meeting for instance, with a 2 hour pre flight wait at the airports Domestic 2 hour flight, travel to and from airport, 2 hour Domestic flight back home. A one hour meeting ends up being a 12 hour time consuming mission, costing huge amounts of money. Many large organizations are now turning to video conference to conduct meetings, interview potential employees not to mention disciplinary hearings. Let us advise you of the benefits when utilizing the video conference facilities and our friendly facilitators, and we can offer a range of refreshments. Give us a call.


The buzz words in South African business today are:

Customer Care, Service Excellence or Quality service

Many companies claim that they go the extra mile or walk the golden mile.

The Question is Do they?

Friendly and efficient service is another of their claims, but these are just words and empty promises depicted in many company slogans and advertisements.

Most companies still have a long way to go even though many may be in the process of improving the service that they offer. Many companies are obsessed with, design, production, marketing, administration and the implementation of control systems.

While Vertical organizational structures and charts are created and sub-divisions are put in place, companies tend to forget to create a little box for the customer.

Who determines what a business is?

The customer does.

It is the customer alone who is willing to pay for goods or services, that converts economic resources into wealth, and converts things into goods. Customers give employment, and they are the foundation of any business and they keep it in existence.

Customers want more than quality, more than product performance, they insist on added value. The customers are now beginning to kick back and are demanding better service.

Customer service can be two things:

Good or bad.

Dr. Mike Bendixen of Wits Business School says 'The continuous measurement of customer satisfaction allows for the continuous management of customer satisfaction'

This Website allows your customers to voice their opinion of the service you offer them, this website is not restricted to negative feedback it allows and encourages positive feedback too.

Once your customer buys a product or service from your company they are given a username and a password which will allow them to enter our site to furnish us with their comments on how you service them as a customer. This feedback can continue for as long as the customer would like it to continue.

We have included a questionnaire to evaluate you as a service provider. There is no better way of finding out what your customers think of you and the service you provide, other than to ask them, and with today's advanced technology the most effective way is via the internet website.